The History of the New World Order

      Before the new world was discovered the governments in the old world was heavily established as well as the cultural and societies. Secret societies and other groups that were based more on economics thanks to their lack of land had formed but were completely powerless thanks to the ancient and seemingly everlasting power of the established governments and orders.
      When the Americas were disovered a race between these secret societies and the establishments was run for the control of these new lands. The United Sates was the result of the secret societies like the Free Masons and the Puritans. Canada, the Spanish Viceroyalties, and Louisiana were the results of the European establishments. It was this race that led to the Revolutionary War, and later the Spanish-American War. America eventually claimed more power with the Monroe Doctrine and the Roosevelt Corollary. The secret societies--the evil European underculture--had won the race for control of the Americas.
      At the end of World War I, the Americans had turned their sights on control of their old enemies, the European establishments.

      With the rise of Hitler came the inevitable result of the destablization of the old establishments due to the Americans--World War II. At first it looked as if Hitler would restore the power of the European establishments and throw off the yoke of the United States. However, it is likely that he was sabotaged. Perhaps his very doctor was U.S. employed, as because he would feed Hitler mercury, effectively causing his insanity.
      As Hitler began to fail, the Americans took advantage of the war-torn nations, dominating Britain and eventually defeating Hitler. With this came the formation of the League of Nations, the redrawing of European borders, and effective control of Europe by the Americans with their original weapon of economics. (Coca Cola Company used the war to establish itself in Europe, for example. You can get a Coke anywhere in the world, proof of American world power.) Europe had fallen to the Americans... and so had Japan, and therefore economic Asia.

      However, the Soviet Union was not going to give up so easily, and formed an anti-secret-society/"Democracy" weapon called Communism. This amazing struggle between these two major establishments was for nothing other than global control. The Communists wanted to use the old European method of military and direct political control of land, whereas the Americans used the new method of economic and covert control (which is why the Central Intelligence Agency was formed than.)
      At first the Soviets stood strong and defended freedom, but they were inevitably no match for American propaganda that used their old European methods against them, as well as claiming them to be the enemies of the free world. The CIA ate away at their territory, and our economy slowly strangled them. Finally, the CIA went in for the kill and planted the flag of Democracy in Russia, effectively taking control over it.

      With the world being under American control, governing it became the issue. This was brilliantly done. The countries were maintained so as to serve as states and 1)ease the enormous task of control by delegating power, and 2)maintain the illusion that America does not control the world.
      The CIA mantains these countries, as does the United State's economy, but a world currency was needed. So, nuclear plants and weapons are used. Countries are paid with nuclear plants and rewarded with nuclear weapons. Thanks to the ideals of "MAD" or Mutually Assured Destruction, these weapons will never be used, and their power and difficulty to construct and research makes their value universal, making them the perfect currency. Of course the trade of these weapons would be mainly top secret. Coverups are rediculously easy. Oil is used as the pennies and loose change of the world currency, and is also a reward for Arabian obedience.
      War is also a control mechanism, and is used mainly as punishment to countries that disobey American orders. It is also used to maintain the illusion of the European establishment and way of dealings, as well as countries' sovreignty still existing.
Echelons/tiers of deception are also used. The higher up you go, the more close the cover stories are to the truth (this from of control is blindingly evident in the Free Masons to this day.) The War in Iraq is seemingly for homeland security. We officially went in for biological weapons. However, earlier on it was in fact the Americans who gave Iraq these weapons. The next cover story is that we went in for their oil. This is only partially true. The main reason is likely that Saddam refused to help the US stop Iran from trying to counterfit world money (construct nuclear weapons,) so we punished his regime and put in one that will obey us.
      These deceptions are everywhere, and many conspiracies are evidence of this, or are coverups in themselves to distract people from the truth.

CONCLUSION:       We live not only under a secret-society started fascist regime, but a "New" World Order. The American government and democracy are just tools of deception used by those who really control America and thus the world. There is no United States of America, Russia, or even China... there is the United Countries of the World.
      The Matrix is actually an allegory meant to symbolize the American government and its control over the world. The computer-generated world symbolizes the deception spun by the secret-society establishment. Democracy is the "choice" talked about in Reloaded.
      The hippies were right, they didn't disappear because they couldn't work in the real world (Woodstock showed they could,) they were wiped out by the United Countries of the World.
      It is completely apparent, this New World Order. We live, now, with little hope....