Mythology is the most ancient form of story told by mankind. Like so many early inventions, it was formed less as a entertainment and more as a necessity. People needed direction in their life, and they needed an example, and so life was represented in story form.
      Joseph Campbell was the first to draw attention to the power of mythology, revealing the Universal archetypes in mythology that are THE SAME no matter what culture they came from. So, we can see these archetypes as the greatest of human truths. The ancient conflict between the Light Side and the Dark Side is represented by the Hero and the Villain.
      According to Campbell human life is explained by these archetypes and we should still mold our lives according to these ancient universal reoccurances in mythology. We should still beleive in Destiny (but not fate) and mold our life after the Hero... or the Villain.

      Campbell explained that the hero (or anti-hero) of the myth goes through a set of basic transformations regardless of the culture:

  1. The Call to Adventure
  2. Leaving of the Homeland
  3. Crossing through of Several Gates to More and More Magical Places
  4. Accomplishment of Destiny
  5. Ascension to Heaven

      The Call to Adventure is when the hero or antihero is confronted with a greater purpose to living than what life was previously expected. The hero usually resists at first, but later comes around... however, sometimes they refuse and then they die or, worse than death, they live a comparatively worthless life because of their denial of their destiny. The Call to Adventure is when the longing of one's soul is explained and the way to cure that longing for something greater is offered. (Working towards one's destiny is much more satisfying than the evil artificial alternative of religion.)
      The Call to Adventure is an awakening of the mind, the opening of the eyes, and the satisfying of the soul and fulfillment.

      This site uses explanations of everything for teaching. Some excersizes are available here for learning on your own, but, for the most part, this can only be acheived through a Master.
      So, this site is invaluable and very important, but there are some things meant to be learned through practice and not words. Therefore, this site will teach you Sithology, but it will not make you a true Sith by itself. That's why the Master Apprentice relationship was kept and not just replaced by this website.
      The reason for this is because there are two ways to learn everything: the Jedi Way, and the Sith Way. The Jedi way is Power Through Knowledge. The Sith way is Knowledge Through Power. No one way can be used purely, or you loose information or value. However, the main way a Sith gains knowledge is through power. The Jedi Way is used on this site for the purpose of teaching knowledge so as to provide you with the basic powers you need to learn the greater knowledges through your acheived power. So, the Jedi Way is used to jumpstart you on the Sith Path. This site hosts all the material for what you need to begin, and than a Master may take you on afterwards to continue your training.

      The Call to Adventure has been issued to you. Open your eyes and awaken your mind with the following teachings so that you may use the Sith Way as soon as possible!