The History of the N.I.D.

The mark of the beginning of the NID began as a set of e-mails about theoretical political and social actions between an individual known only as “Jason Carter” to the few who knew him, and the man who would latter host Silus, codenamed “The Piranha.” Carter made the move to enfold The Piranha into his proto-organization, which officially marked the start of the infamous NID, (although a name wasn’t decided on at the time, it would take over a month latter for the acronym “NID” to emerge.)

Although there were other elements in Carter’s fledgling federation, Jason Carter and The Piranha became the sole founders and worked feverously at a working mandate, infrastructure, and command and control system. It was at this time that The Piranha began taking relative initiative by recruiting multiple people. From this moment on the NID began to cease walking and break into a run. Intellectual individuals quickly found there way to the top, working indirectly for Jason Carter through his right hand, his co-founder friend. A working plan for a branched military autocracy was put into place while a formal constitution was being drafted as well as a representative democracy to unify various would-be cell factions. The Piranha swiftly declared himself the leader of this non-existent republic body and began funneling more and more control over the autocracy, and declaring Jason Carter the sole leader.

This was not true on a deeper level though. Jason Carter was placed as a mere figure head for the syndicate, and he as well as The Piranha and one puppet member formed a new control mechanism: an order with no name. Its purpose was simply to control the rapidly expanding NID through vast internal and external influence. The democratic body had become nothing but, at the best, a half-hearted goal, and, at the worst, a legitimacy for the rising powers of The Piranha and his trainee. The latter seemed true.
Meanwhile, a new individual was rapidly rising within the Directorate’s autocracy, using the newly self-declared “Chancellor’s” (The Piranha) name for his own claim to ascension. This new splinter cell force was successfully contained by the Chancellor, but all it ended up as was as a sanctioning of the militaristic movement. The newly declared International Viceroyalties Chancellor was now enjoying near total control while his master lurked in the shadows, analyzing and organizing. The NID was founding new cells across the United Sates using a “friends of friends” movement, (using club-like quaintness for protection thanks to its well-crafted mandate,) to create a leapfrogging, loosely confederated consortium of cells. Under the guidance of Jason Carter the NID was being fully directed to rooting into information and dissolving criminal elements.

This was the golden age of the Nullifying Information Directorate: the very name was paraded as a banner, for its meaning was an organization that gathered information, information that pacified petty movements and organizations. The Piranha had reached his apex, once a menial member in Carter’s proto-organization, now the Supreme International Viceroyalties Chancellor (also known as the IVC, or, simply, the Chancellor) and the main head of a national organization, soon, thanks to foreign contacts, to go international.

However, the feeling was short lived. The leader of the militaristic movement, now virtually without followers, saw his platform and began to pressure the international directors (same as the national directors) into various wastes of energy. ID cards and uniforms became major investments of time and thought. In addition, the puppet master, Jason Carter, became increasingly devoted to bringing the syndicate into its fully envisioned glory. The NID’s great victories and increasingly tantalizing goals and projects seemed to, among the directors; indicate that the development stage of the NID was over. Jason Carter’s and the separatist-like leader’s goals were readily embraced, and The Piranha, the IVC, were looked towards to materialize these desires. Naturally, some organization was necessary to generate large sums of money and to be convenient to the NID’s fledgling nature and cell based distribution and the purposeful lack of contact. (The benefits of a poly-celled, limited contact organization are many, for one, it is nearly impossible to harm.) The Chancellor, under the allowance of Jason Carter, personally took over the economics department dubbed the CIS, or Capital Inducing Syndicate. This alone drew attention towards the NID’s financial troubles, but it did not stop the militaristic movement. Its leader encompassed Carter’s goals and started placing more pressure than ever on the directors, especially including the Chancellor. To counter this, the nameless puppet master organization morphed the autocracy to be even further under its control. The Piranha was placed in charge of the Research and Development Department as he had been towards the beginning, and all other departments were placed under this single one. The autocracy was now very clear, and appealed very much to Carter. The Chancellors problems also seemed to decrease as organization was no longer such a delicate matter, and his power was legitimized not only through figure head, but politically within the NID autocracy. Interestingly enough, any goal towards the republic control mechanism was abandoned, although The Piranha’s and the nameless order’s legitimacy was partially derived from it. The militaristic movement started to subside once again.

The CIS, in the mean while, had begun working to create a national shipping, guild-like federation which it would head. Work began with the co-owner of a relatively small trucking company to create the basis of the Mercantile Association. Concepts such as wild as trading were brought into the mix, and unifying forces were designed such as division of profits, NID owned sites as free “ports,” and a council made up of representatives from all included shipping businesses. Taxes were devised as optional for “corporation wide” insurance benefits. Eventually the plan was to unify warehouses, production businesses, stores, and the trucking under the banner of the Mercantile Association, which was under the thumb of the CIS, and therefore the NID. The potential economic benefits for both the NID and the effected parts of the United Sates were very large… and so were the kinks that needed to be worked out. It would, if the project ever got off the ground, be difficult for the Mercantile Association tied in with the council to not be seen as a monopoly. Nevertheless unofficial negotiations had begun, and consultation with trusted lawyers was well under way.

With this new economic plan the NID seemed to be in good shape. Attention was turned to the leader of the militaristic movement and it was decided that the purchasing of uniforms and equipments would be beneficial, if not for the near future. A full compliment of uniforms was to be ordered, and one director purchased some basic equipment (of a legal nature.) The militaristic movement was not able to follow through very well, so all became quickly quiet, everybody analyzing and perfecting their branches. A website was in the process of creation, and nothing much physical happened except occasional pondering at the purchasing of uniforms and continued equipment plans like vans and raw materials for the Research and Development Department.

It was soon this time that the local authorities became aware of what they thought a white supremacist group. It is suspected that the militaristic movement was responsible, and, more specifically, its leader. Allegedly he was found with National Socialism graffiti (which he created on his own, likely for his alternate history novel he was writing on World War Two) mixed with papers he had been crafting as experimental drafts for the NID. It so turns out that he was also signing people onto these lists beyond just his approved sign up rosters. The matter was easily explained, especially given the history of the militaristic movement’s leader, and so the High Cell went about unscathed, although it was very dramatic for the members of the nameless puppet master order.

It was at this time that The Piranha gained his full worth for his title, now taking on the Persona of Darth Silus. Learning much from the NID, he decided that it was unsalvageable after a few meetings. The former Supreme International Viceroyalties Chancellor, now known simply as The Piranha, spearheaded the revivalist movement. The nameless order was forced to back him up, as he swiftly crushed his own movement. In the process he embezzled the funds of the NID, taking roughly eighty percent of it himself, and the other twenty was used for bribery. The act, along with The Piranha’s rejection of it and his ended leadership, destroyed all the cells (that are known about) of the Nullifying Information Directorate. Darth Silus had awakened. The NID was no more.