To the Silosian Academy of the Sith Lords! I hope this shall become an invaluable tool to you eventually, but for now, the content is still being compiled.
This branch of the Sith Order's website is dedicated to the expansion and teaching of the knowledge of the Sith Lords, from now to the most accurate recreations of those ancient Lords that have only recently been dubbed as "Sith."
The main guidlines for any Sith Student can be found in these archives. They include:

MEDITATION; the ancient rite of human interaction with mysticism. This is the foundation for powers beyond that of an ordinary human. These are the tools of a Sith Lord.
PHILOSOPHY; the most powerful characteristic of a true Sith is their view and grasp of reality. Without these docterine, you are not a Sith but merely a luke-warm follower. These tenents allow the greatest manipulation of one's world over, by far, any other school of thought. These are the words of the ancient specters—the words of the Sith Lords.
DESTINY; discover within yourself the path in life, the accomplishment that is your right. Fufillment is found in accomplishing and pursuing your destiny, and, with the tools mentioned above you can do so.
OTHER; learn vital miscellaneous teachings.

      These are the halls that echo with darkness, the darkness that your potential grows from and is refined. Learn the lessons here, and discuss them further atThe Sith Academy Forums. A Sith Lord once said, "Even the most wise man picks a stone according to its luster and not what luster may be polished into it." Polish yourself here and you may be selected by a Master... or be wise enough to become one yourself.

 -Darth Vidyus Silus