Right Seeing:

      Right Seeing is the cornerstone of self-improvement in Sithology as well as being the Sith's way of bestowing their version of scientific thought.

Right Seeing

Right Seeing is the platform to the Base of Knowing: the Sith Ways. One must achieve the Three Pillars when mastering Right Seeing:

1.     Insight

2.     Empathy

3.    Logic


-The First Pillar-

Insight is the ability to understand yourself. Simply put: how can you understand great truths when you canít even understand your own whims, motives, and nature? To achieve insight, you must reflect using knowledge (logic) and comparison to others (empathy.) (Yet empathy is not achievable without insight.) You will find that the first pillar, although inseparable from the others, is the easiest to learn, because reflection happens if you allow yourself time with no distractions. When feelings come, and thoughts of how fair or unfair something is, ask the question ďwhy?Ē of yourself, actively applying the other two Pillars. Insight isnít emotional, for it always ascends and questions the reasons behind an experienced emotion. Insight is you getting to know yourself, thus ceasing to strive with your own nature, which is the root of much suffering. Best of all, insight is the beginning of self-awareness.

-The Second Pillar-

Empathy is the study of otherís nature, a sort of external insight. You must realize your own uniqueness and otherís differences and superiorities and inferiorities to achieve both logic and insight. Empathy is seeing through the eyes of other, and seeing yourself through those eyes. Only a fool refuses to acknowledge that others exist in a similar nature to themselves and that the world is diverse and doesnít revolve around them. Thus, to see otherís nature is to grow in your insight and your perception of things beyond that of just other human beings.

-The Third Pillar-

Right logic is the correct interpretation of yourself, others, and the beyond. Logic is the building on of the small to make the large. Logicís first step is discernment, than association to other truths, than conclusion, than, finally, application to your mind/life. Incorrect logic is to say ďA fish swims in water, air is like water, and thusly I swim.Ē Logic is applying order to something using facts, correlation, and insight and empathy. It should also be applicable to other things, other words it should be put in a smaller regard. Logic should never be an excuse for a wasteful behavior of yours, (even using logic to declare a behavior not wasteful.) Logic is explanation through patterns to develop place.


The Three Pillars build and depend on each other, master them, (and thus Right Seeing,) and you will have no difficulty learning higher ways like that of the Sith.

The Sith Method:
      In addition to Right Seeing there are several testers of "truths":

  1. Does it give you true, usable power? As in it empowers you but does not limit you from other powers
  2. Does the conclusion come from power? does the idea come from an analysis of your power?
  3. Is it supported by reality?


      Right Seeing is basically analyizing everything and being aware of your own biases, and allows the expansion of Sith philosophy as well as making sure the Sith is true and stable. It is a necessary part of being a Sith.

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