The Alpha Male:

      The key to the True Power of guidance over people is taking on the ancient "cave man" role of the pack leader or Alpha Male. Only Alpha Males are truly respected and followed, and only thier characteristics are considered attractive. Others may have positions of power granted by their heritage or by election or corruption, but these leaders are not generally followed or are even overthrown. In addition, the Establishment or "Jedi" of the world train us in sometimes extreme forms of submission and calm submissiveness. The Sith, naturally, are against this, as the Sith Master is the ultimate Alpha job.

Part One:
      Psychologically, the basic introduction can be seen in THIS pdf documnet.       An alpha male is basically the controlling, stabalizing, and most liked individual in a group who takes charge and streamlines the group. It is a generally confident state of mind always self-centered yet always observant and interactive whenever necessary. They often break up fights and are respectful to others but are always sure not to be disrespected. Basically, they are individuals who are comforatble with themeselves, others, and often their enemies. They don't so much care as to what others think of them, but rather are interested in what others think like.

Part Two:
      There are several recommened readings for every alpha male: How to be an Alpha Male by John Alexander as well as The Definitive Book of Body Language by Barbara and Allan Pease.

Part Three:
      Being an Alpha Male is like stepping into another reality. The comfortable submissive realm of the calm submissive follower is left behind, and reality is discovered to be much different. When you take roles of the Alpha Male, you will notice that immediately others try to compete with you. It is a constant struggle. However, if you don't much care about the struggle and remain comfortable, and remain alpha, your peers will grow. Don't take shit from anyone either... defend yourself actively, not passively. Don't be paranoid though.
Part Four:
      Many people are daunted by the task of becoming an Alpha, however, there really is only one way. Learning and evolving through experience. Be yourself, and DO NOT VIEW SOCIAL SITUATIONS ON A REWARDS/PUNISHMENT BASIS... just have fun.
     &nbsbThe reason for being mostly unhindered about what you want to do is because if people sense deception in you (and they will, because they've likely dealt with predators better at it than you) they will see you as evil too.

Part Five:
      Eye Gazing is another critical aspect of the ancient nomadic/caveman art of Alpha Mentality. When speaking to someone, lock your eyes onto thier eyes. However, when being spoken to, do not look into thier eyes very much. Only enough to show you are listening.
      Eye Gazing is also critical in reading people. You can tell someone's intelligence rather easily by thier eyes, not to mention that how they shift their eyes is a big tip on what they are thinking and their social standing as well as mentality. For instance, if a typical person looks up and to the left they are picturing something in their mind's eye. If they look up and to the right they are picturing an image from the past. If they look to the left they are imagining a sound. To the right means a remembered sound. Down and to the left signifies thinking about a smell. Down and to the right signifies internal dialogue, as in talking to oneself.
      If the eyes don't match the language you can assume a lie. For example, if you ask someone whether they should be using the internet for a test; "What did the professor say?" And the person answers, "The professor said... I could" but they look to the left while saying this, they are likely lying. (A typical left-handed person would have the opposite meanings for their eye-directions.)

Part Six:
      Reality Control is another essential method of an Alpha. Control is all about perception. Instead of submiting to another person's view of reality you should be totally into your own views on reality and desire; in fact, be so convinced of your own views that others are brought into your reality instead of you into theirs. Of course, verbalizing your views literally is not really the point, but simply operating according to your views. Arrogance should be avoided in being displayed as it is disrespectful and thus not Alpha and cosidered defensive. Being in your own "little" world is actually a good thing to a very large degree. (An eye should always be kept on reality.)

Part Seven:
      The most important aspect of Alpha Mentality is ENERGY! Holding yourself upright is a good way to show dominance, but you may still give of the energy of a nuertotic/submissive. Take on the persona of an alpha and project the energy of calm-assertiveness. This takes practice, but, basically, what it means is that people can pick up on your very emotions, and so you should enter a mentality with the emotions of an Alpha (like calmness and assertivenes) so that you project the right image of yourself.

Part Eight:
      Finally, you should always be looking for the pity play. If someone tries to get people's pity they should be avoided as they are antisocial and thus unable to be controlled by Alpha mentality. They may never take over your pack, but they will try to use you or anyone they think is a decent honest person. Your best method is to keep those you trust closest and those who you don't from your group, but don't be hostile toward them. Band such people from your pack and it will be much more pleasurable for everyone and thus you consolodate your power even more. Sociopaths may be fun and spontaneous, but are always wolves in sheep's clothing.

      A Sith is an Alpha Male. If this mentality is practiced to the point where it is made a force of habit, always being used, you become an Alpha Male (or Female.) It must be used at all times for any Sith, unless a disciple or apprentice, in which case submission is the case with their instructors or Masters.

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