What is a Sociopath?

      A Sociopath is someone who suffers from a form of mental retardation, simply put. They have no higher governing brain function than the pleasure-seeking pain-avoidng mentality.
      So a sociopath has no conscience, no reason, and no self-awareness,and may do whatever they please with no internal consequences. They learn secrecy at an extremely early age, and becoem excellent actors. They engage in extremely intense activities to get as much stimulation as possible (pleasure-seeking.) This includes their cruel and antisocial behavior.

      More important, though, is their pain-avoidance, is this determines their sociopathis personality. The pain a sociopath percieves is directly related to their intelligence. The greater the IQ, the greater the pains perceived, and the more effort and sucess is required to overcome them.
      The dumbest sociopaths are the "moochers"--the Parasites. The only pain they perceive is that resulting from having to work to live as well as hunger and poverty. So, they use other people to work for them to overcome their pain.
      The middle-intelligence sociopaths are smart enough to perceive the pains of being low on the social totem pole and perceive the pain of being different and an outsider. However, they lack the intelligence to do much about this. These are the Spiteful sociopaths. They hate those with the talents they wish they had, so they settle for the next best thing, which is to prevent others from either using those talents, or to make them pay a high price for having them. (From who much is given, much is asked is their motto.)
      Finally, the most intelligent sociopaths (Genius sociopaths) perceive wide ranging pains and the pain of being under the thumb of society. However, ulike their lesser cousins, they have the intelligence to overcome this pain, mostly. These are the gang leaders, company predidents, and any other higher-standing controlling position.

      This is the sociopath explained.

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