Socipathic Method:


Every sociopath uses a basic learned behavior to get what they want, which is as follows:

  1. Dominance/Submissiveness
    A sociopath can use either mode to get what they want.  They usually are submissive to “butter up” their victim/s and make themselves trustworthy.  However, when they want something, they will adopt dominance for a period of time to demand what they want.
  2. Knocking down defensiveness
    If an individual gets defensive about the dominant aggressiveness, submission is adopted again, praise and pity are used together, and as soon as their victim/s calm down, dominance is use again.
  3. Wearing them down
    If they grow defensive again, submission is used again.  This cycle repeats until the individual gives in.
  4. Praise
    In the mean time, these methods are refined.  The sociopath figures out exactly how to inflate the victim’s ego the best, and uses fear to gain respect from the victim.  The sociopath molds their personality to that of what the victim either wants or to the victim’s personality and thus pries praise out of them, as well as admiration. As time goes on, they get better and better at the dominance-submissiveness cycle, making it more and more personal.
  5. Fun
    The sociopath will use excitement and fun through their impulsivity to isolate you from others and make your time with them enjoyable as well as endearing.  They make it seem like they would do anything for you but they are the victim because you will not ever give them what they want in return.
  6. Guilt
    The resulting goal is to guilt the person into a submissive state where they finally give in to the predator’s desires.
  7. Remission
    Once the person gives in, the sociopath gives them a break and relaxation as a reward… until they want something else.  Eventually the victim lives for nothing but the seventh stage, and so grows to be a willing victim who admires their persecutor and believes they couldn’t live without them.


These seven stages are rather unimaginative and simplistic, which is why sociopaths everywhere come to use it.  Their inward observing and obsessive behavior  leads them to inevitably develop the Seven-Step process of manipulation.

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