Tao Meditation:

      The most basic energy producing meditation is Tao Meditation. The Sith version of the "Tao" is defined as the pool of emotional energy created by life that has built up for all time. (Emotional energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be created.) Any emotion can be pulled from the Tao, but the best is either anger or vigor.

Step 1:
-Close your eyes, and contemplate all of humanity with its hardships, sorrow, anger, elation, and happiness. Do this for but a brief minute.
-Draw it all in with a breath.

Step 2:
-Your posture will automatically become more upright and expansive.
-You will fill invigorated, yet you will also feel most of the energy pass from you, as your body can only hold so much. (So far.)
-Repeat until desired recharge is achieved.

      This meditation is very upgradeable and versatile. Other meditations can augment the amount of energy you can store. The basic purpose of this meditation is to convert the drained feeling created after exersizing another Sith Power to revitilization, so that one can go on or even use another. It can also be used to create a euphoric, confident state of mind.

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