Shroud of the Dark Side, prt. 2:

      The nature of a Sith is as objectionable to the regular masses as a wolf is to the sheep, and it is also very aparent. It is often not enough to simply use the first part and be a wolf in sheep's clothing. The following meditation is for the purpose of taking advanatge of one of the Dark Side's most powerful abilities... its nature of being as shadow that remains unnoticed yet that can hide much.

Step 1:
-Sit in the six-point meditative position in the evening relatively before sleeping.
-Breath through your nose, paying attention to nothing else but the sensation of the air running through your nostrils. Do this until mind is calm.
-Notice/feel the darkness behind your eyelids, then the shadows the flicker in the light and under objects (without looking.)
-Now summon it, breathe it in. Do breathing meditation again but noticing the darkness rush back and forth through your body with your breath.
-Imagine it swirling around you, feeling it as it does.

Step 2:
-Fall into the darkness, plunging into it, feeling yourself drop.
-Now, breathe meditate again. Remaining in slumbering peace in the darkness.

Step 3:
-Open your eyes, noticing the brightness of everything, yet also the many shadows, of which you now are at one with.
-You can now quickly summon the hiding properties of the Dark Side whenever you want. Simply close your eyes, imagining the swirl of shadows around you, and breath it in, falling into the shadows again.

      Do this Meditation once to a few times a week and not only will the normal masses not detect you, but others adept in the arts of observation meditation will have a much harder time viewing you and even seeing your future.

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