Shroud of the Dark Side, prt. 1:

      To the Sith, secrecy is paramount to everything. The natural violent and arrogant tendencies of the individual Sith make the Sith easily indentified as well as defied and rejected. So, the first step to hiding one's presence is to put on personalities that are not only the most effective in every situation for getting what you want, but also masking of the personality most would dissaprove of.

Step 1:
-Sit in the six-point meditative position in the evening relatively before sleeping.
-Breath through your nose, paying attention to nothing else but the sensation of the air running through your nostrils. Do this until mind is calm.
-Now, allow the thought and memories of your day to run through your head. Those that come up stronger than other are meant for you to pay attention to. Analyze them.
-Plan the courses of action you will take on these situations for the next day.
-Now, Breathe Meditate again.
-Focus on how you feel... do not discuss these feeling with anyone until the next day, preferably not even than.

Step 2:
-While during the day, constantly observe those around you, analyzing them and looking for signs of betrayal or manipulation.
-Focus your hate on random people, friends and foe alike.
-Do not "speak from your heart."

Step 3:
-Using the conclusions as to what your actions should be for the next day from Step 1, decide what personality or character from fiction or reality would be best for carrying out these actions.
-Role play that personality. Be that character for carrying out your plans.

      Do this Meditation all the time and you will be easily able to put on any personality you want, allowing you to be more sucessful as well as hidden. Now, as for hiding you Sith presence, that is discussed in Part II....

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