The Windswept Mountain:

      Every Sith has a similar level of control that is expected. However, our emotions, especially nowadays, seem to not only be in control of us, but are expected to be in control of us. Over time, this becomes a very hard habit to combat. No wonder that depression is such a rising modern problem.
      The Sith have come to a common realization; humanity must be transcended. Our emotions are means to an end, not a guide to a means. To focus our very mind into a weapon, the Sith perform a simple meditation to harness and increase their emotions:

Step 1:
-Sit in the six-point meditative position.
-Breath meditate until your mind is free of distractions.

Step 2:
-Feel the calmness grow more intense as you begin to feel chills.
-Open your mind's eye and see that you are sitting on the highest peak of a mountain.
-Visualize only the ground you sit on. Concentrate. When you fall out of the vision, leap right back into it.
-When you can see the ground you are sitting on just fine, look up.

Step 3:
-The landscape you see around the mountain in its many vegetations and areas is your emotional makeup. It is you.
-As you look upon the landscape you notice all your emotions attached to it. Observe them. Be intrigued by them.
-Now, also feel how burning hot the emotions are. They are distant, and you are cold, but at they same time they are even more intense.

Step 4:
-Manipulate these emotions to whatever you wish. Doing this should be intuitive. Make them more intense. Make them less. Mix them and create them.
-Focus on your anger--the hot part of the landscape--and increase it. The more the better.
-Notice that you are still calm.
-Open your eyes.

      This meditation is actually more of a trance. It requires some beleif and ease to perform, but is relatively easy, although sometimes energy consuming. Simply Tao Meditate to restore energy. This trance is uselful in changing your moods or controlling them. It also breeds the Sith mentality. Which is basically a duality of personality; displaying a passionate typical human being, yet being cold and removed on the inside, always in control and always calculating.

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